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Uniform History

2011 Uniform (Sarah Gorton) A new uniform was introduced in 2011, with different fabric allowing players to remain cooler during matches. The colors chosen were emerald green sides to represent the club's original color and maroon front and back representing the clubs key color. Black arms and neck collars are included. Shorts or Skirts included the same color code. Socks are maroon with Emerald green stripes on the side. Yellow socks (Part of the Yellow 86 theme) were chosen for any color clashes.

The Club's First Training top was introduced in 2014.

In 2015, a new club logo was commissioned to incorporate the colours of the new uniforms.

           Club logo from 2015
2003 Uniform as modelled by David and Colleen Downs From the 2003 winter season the club continued to use Attack Sports as supplier, but the uniform was in a different cut to allow greater shoulder movement, with trims and a strip down the shorts for greater contrast.

Socks remained black with a maroon turnover.

To the left you will see the uniform as modelled by David Downs and Colleen Downs.
1999 Uniform as modelled by Debbie and Colleen  (10740 Bytes) In 1999 the club switched suppliers, and restocked in a maroon top in Jacquard fabric with an embossed pattern. The black trim on the neck and armbands provided a slight contrast, and a new club logo was embroided on the chest. The shorts were plain black in a matching fabric style, and black socks with maroon turnover.
To the left you will see the 1999 uniform as modelled by Debbie Pisani and Colleen Downs.

A logo that was capable of being embroided onto uniforms was needed, and was designed by David Downs.
           Club logo from March 99 (8780 Bytes)
1996 uniform modelled by Alex Blake and Lucy Steele (12567 Bytes) The color change away from yellow occurred in 1996, and consisted of maroon shirts with black collar, and black taslon (parachute) shorts. The socks are black with a maroon turnover.

To the left you will see the uniform as modelled by Alex Blake and Lucy Steele.

In 1992, an addition to the club logo was made. Drawn especially for the club by renowned Herald-Sun cartoonist Jeff Hook (with his trademark hook hidden in the logo), the new logo was supposed to be for the junior division, but it proved so popular that it was adopted across the whole club.
           Club logo from August 92 (7508 Bytes)
Yellow and Navy blue uniform, modelled by Janice Reardon (13748 Bytes) In August 1986, the uniform became 'bone' with royal blue trim and blue shorts/skits and socks. Over the years, 'bone' became yellow, (then 'canary yellow!') and the navy trim was dropped for simplicity and cheapness. The socks eventually evolved into yellow with navy blue turnover.

Here we see a later edition of the uniform modelled by Janice Reardon (nee Mendes)

Below is the club logo of the period, here shown on a cloth badge.

           Club logo.  Cloth badge (6875 Bytes)
Green with Blue Trim (12,064 Bytes) After a couple of seasons, a blue trim on the collar and a blue strip down and around the arms was added to the plain emerald green. A small logo was also embroided over the right breast.

Here is the top modelled (years later) by Cassandra Downs

           1980's Shirt logo. (14638 Bytes)
Emerald green and royal blue uniform as modelled by Sherreen Angleton and Vicky Vanstan (9688 Bytes) The first uniform was emerald green with royal blue skirts. Here we see Sherreen Angleton and Vicky Vanstan from the 1979 E Grade team.

(If anyone has a slightly clearer photo, please let me borrow it!)

Members of the very first team (1977 North E) were all presented with an inaugural medallion. Note M.L.H.C. - Melton Ladies Hockey Club! Thanks to Vicky Bailey for the loan!

           Inaugural Medallion from 1977. (12469 Bytes)

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