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Last updated : 11:08 am - 25 May 2024

Shane Bailey Memorial Most Determined Award

IN MEMORY OF Shane Bailey.
1982 saw the Melton Hockey Club enter a male team for the first time, that being the 1982 Ballarat A Men. At the tender age of seventeen, Shane Bailey was a member of that team, and thanks to his being the first player alphabetically, he thereby holds cap number one.

Shane's family was pivotal in the early years of the Melton Hockey Club. Father Doug, although never playing himself, assisted the club in many ways and even took up the role of Social Coordinator in 1977/78. Mother Bobby played, as did sister Vicky, brother Dale, and even wife Pauline.

As the years passed, Shane developed into a very valuable player for the club. A promising BMX rider, Shane also excelled at hockey, and showed a determination which belied his youth.

Apart from his on-field work for the club, Shane was never one to shirk responsibility. He was senior men's coach in 1994 and 1995, and was one of the major quiet contributors to any working bee or project.

In 1996, Shane was tragically killed in a car accident. With Shane having so many close friends within the club and with hockey such a major part of his life, the Bailey family commissioned an eternal trophy in his name.

Each year, club coaches nominate persons who they feel best demonstrate the determination shown by Shane in his time with the club. The board then selects the winner from those nominated.

The magnificent trophy commissioned for this award is eternal, however recipients of the award receive a smaller trophy, which is also donated by the Bailey family each year.

Year Winner(s)
2022/23 Schwarze, Amy
2021/22 Vallance, Lachlan
2018/19 Holahan, Zac
2017/18 Downes, Billie
2016/17 Williams, Lisa
2015/16 Arnold, Chris
2014/15 Cook, Lorraine
2013/14 Branford, Fiona
Lake, Melissa
2012/13 McLaren, Scott
2011/12 Lawrence, Richard
2010/11 Lake, Melissa
2009/10 Arnold, Andrew
2008/09 Not Awarded
2007/08 Sorensen, Steven
2006/07 Willis, Nicole
2005/06 Goodwin, Leigh
2004/05 Bluschke, Alf
2003/04 McLaren, Scott
2002/03 Downs, Colleen
2001/02 Downs, David
2000/01 Cameron, John
1999/00 Fleming, Linda
1998/99 Seng Hpa, Wendy
1997/98 Downes, Cheryl
1996/97 Downes, Cheryl
1995/96 Hanley-Wood, Ben

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