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Statistics Overhaul

The club statistics are in the process of being overhauled, but are available for viewing now. Please note that they are NOT finalised as yet, and time-critical data such as a players cap number, or when milestone games where reached should not be considered as accurate at this stage.

It is hoped that everything will be ship-shape by the end of December.

Click on 'Statistics and History' on the menu, then browse the stats using the menu-tree system on the left of the page.

2016/17 Board

The 2016/17 Board is as follows:

Malcolm Corban - Chairperson

Lorraine Cook - Boardmember (with role of Treasurer)

Kellie McLaren - Boardmember (with role of Secretary)

Stuart Cook - Boardmember

Royce Schwarze - Boardmember

Scott McLaren - Boardmember